Cutting Cost Per Leads By 79%

Cutting Cost Per Leads By 79%

Cutting Cost Per Leads By 79% 1920 1281 Black Paw

A client’s goal was to cut their cost per lead so that they could achieve more leads at a specific marketing budget.

What these guys do is nothing like other marketing companies we’ve tried in the past. They just get what they’re doing. Before I felt as if other companies were just guessing as they went along, and Black Paw just knows what they’re doing.

This client’s average cost per lead consistently remained around $25, and when we mentioned being able to cut their costs the general response we got was “good luck, we’ve tried everything.”

We love a good challenge.

Within 3 days of split testing and tweaking around their campaigns, we were able to identify the missing links from previous campaigns and cut their cost per lead by 79%, bringing them to an average $5 cost per lead and allowing them to generate a significantly higher amount of leads that month without having to increase their marketing spend.

Marketing is not a guessing game, the answers are in the metrics. It just takes extra detail and a true understanding of the platforms to let the metrics tell you what needs to be done next.