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We’re a caring & highly-driven team that’ll help you realize your potential, reinvent your future, and recreate your customer experience.

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Black Paw was founded on the idea that for businesses to truly scale & achieve consistent growth, they did not need an agency to simply set up a campaign, deliver some leads, and consider their job done. What they needed was an ads expert that they could trust, that would create an experience so personal for the business owner that felt as if the agency was a part of their team, and to genuinely care about the growth of the company. 
And so Black Paw was created by two millennials that came from a family of small business owners with the intention to create an experience so personal, intimate & customized that their clients would feel as if they’re working with a family member or long-time friend.
And because of that, Black Paw has become known for their focus on results & relationships that’s earned them a loyal clientele & a waitlist of business owners seeking a solution to growing their business while feeling truly taken care of.

Meet the Founders
of Black Paw

What started as an idea, became the start of a new business. Christina and Filippo have a long history of over 19 years from growing up together to now business partners in 2 businesses.

Christina McMasters


Filippo Morici



We believe in constantly testing, learning, evolving, adapting, and innovating to consistently become better people, and a better company. We like to think and create big.


Clients trust us to create exceptional results, and we take that seriously. We’re a results oriented agency that’s committed to overcoming obstacles, finding solutions, and doing whatever it takes to have our client’s consistently remain ROI-positive.


We believe honesty, transparency and having a straight forward approach is what’s necessary to have a true, lasting & successful relationship with our clients. We openly collaborate & communicate, and ask for your full honest self in return.


We believe relationships deliver better results. We’re all about providing great service – to clients and each other. A true champ of this mindset takes pride in knowing that we’re making a real difference by working together.

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