We Grow Fitness & Wellness Brands Through Paid Traffic, Sales Funnels, & A World-Class AI Lead Conversion Software

We are a smaller, personable premium digital marketing agency that is relationship and results-focused for fitness & wellness brands.

Through data, proven strategies, AI technology & our No-BS approach to getting results, we’ve successfully scaled gyms, stem cell clinics, chiropractors, personal trainers, IV drip therapy clinics, & more.

How We

Grow Brands & Make Impact

We look at your whole lead generation & sales process from a bird’s eye view to continually reinvent the wheel and bring a fresh perspective to your marketing.

Implement A Solid Sales Process

You and I both know leads mean nothing if they aren’t converting. Increase your contact, book & show up rate with our AI technology and our tried & tested method, making the most of your marketing spend and setting your business up for success.

Dominate The Market With Paid Traffic

Utilizing powerful data and proven methods, we advertise your brand on social media and throughout industry-relevant websites to ensure you’re getting in front of the right audience, staying top-of-mind, outbidding your competition, and consistently getting new leads & booked appointments.


For those looking for a “Done-With-You” coaching option and would like to learn the method behind our madness, we dive in deep to your current marketing strategies, develop a new game plan depending on your goals, train you and/or your team on how to implement, and then help hold you/your team accountable to efficiently execute.

``I’ve been in the business for 6 years so I’ve gone through a few agencies, and you guys are definitely the best.``

Lindsay is the owner of a personal training gym, and after 6 years in the business she found herself in a saturated market with an underperforming Facebook ads agency, having to start looking around for other jobs. Now, she shares her first 4 weeks with Black Paw: “The difference between you all & what I’ve had in the past, is you’re definitely more diverse, you have more ideas, and also the leads that I’ve gotten since working with you, I’m not sure what magic you’re working back there, but they’ve been solid leads and it’s amazing to me that the biggest obstacle I had previously was getting the leads to book appointments. It’s crazy to me how many are booking appointments. It’s people that by the time they walk in my door, from what they’ve seen with the landing pages they’re already ready, they’re prequalified when they walk in the door & they’re ready to get started so it’s making the sales process just amazing.” – Lindsay Gravitt

Gym Owner Generates $37,800 From A One Month Campaign

“We’ve had a really great experience with them. We needed someone to look after our social media and we’ve tried a number of different social media agencies, a couple overpromised and underdelivered, the thing with Black Paw is that they underpromised and overdelivered. When we finally gave them a shot, it was one of the best things we’ve done. If you have a gym or you’re in business & you need the lead gen mechanism I urge you to talk to the guys at Black Paw. They’re really easy to work with.” – Jacob Awad, Plus Fitness

Hot Yoga Studio Experiences 40% Increase In Intro Offer Purchases

“We have seen really great results since being involved. The most important thing is how many people are coming through the studio and that number has been up since Black Paw has been involved with us and that is the most important thing I can think of as a yoga studio owner.” – Jimmy Yax, Hot House Yoga RVA

Black Paw is Approved By Mr. Wonderful (Shark Tank's Kevin O' Leary)

“Anybody who’s involved in fitness & wellness, gyms, yoga studios, boutique fitness studios, chiropractors… Black Paw is an agency that helps you acquire customers, and convert people that are interested, into sales to actually become members or use your services.” – Kevin O’Leary, Entrepreneur & Shark Tank TV Personality


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