We are an ROI-Driven Fitness Marketing Agency.
Month-to-month. No long-term contracts. Get what you need, when you need it.

Who Do We Work With?

We specialize in increasing memberships and revenues for boutique fitness studios, big-box gyms, yoga studios, and other related fitness businesses looking to increase their membership base.

We handle the entire lead generation process from creating the social media ads to increasing your conversion rates by building automated back-end follow up sequences to turn more leads into members.

If that sounds confusing, just know… we handle your entire lead acquisiton so that you can have consistent growth and new members walking into your door every month.

We’ve got the results to prove it, and a money-back guarantee to cover you. (Learn more about our guarantee at the very bottom of this page)


How do we do it?

Our CASH process

01. Capture

Depending on your demographic and the local market, we’ll generate leads anywhere from $0.41 to $6.00.

Through testing and perfecting our ads and offers, we have a proven collection of ads that typically get our clients results immediately upon launching their campaign.

We’ll capture your new lead’s name, phone number, and email so you now have contact information for your new potential member.

02. Automate

Once we receive your new lead’s information, it’s automatically sent to your team to follow up with them and book them for their offer/trial/tour/etc.

We set up automated emails, texts, and voicemail drops to help you with extra personal touchpoints with the lead and ultimately increasing conversions.

By automating these tasks that sales teams are spending time doing, it opens up their focus and time towards other tasks.

03. Sales

While working with different gyms and studios across the world, we noticed a common pattern. The clients with a solid sales follow up process got better results. Because of this, we had a custom built CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system created that helps increase conversions from a lead to a member.

From automated SMS and email campaigns, to automatic dialing and voicemail drops for your team, our CRM system helps turn more leads into members by making the follow up process more of a priority. There’s nothing worse than investing in marketing, and not having a team follow up with the leads properly to really get the most out of your spend.

04. Hyper-profits

Let’s base this off an average member paying $40 per month. (P.S. If you know your numbers and average conversions, feel free to calculate this to get your own estimate.)
✅You spend $1000 on ads
✅You get 200 leads for $5 per lead (our average cost per lead)
✅65% of the 200 leads book an appointment
✅70% of the booked appointments SHOW UP
✅You now have 91 people coming in (opportunity to sell)
✅You convert 30% of the 91 opportunities and get 27 new members
✅Your average member stays for 6 months, making each member worth at least $240
✅27 new members, valued at an average of $240 = $6,480 in new membership agreements
So you spent $1,000 on ads to get $6,480 in return… why not do that every month?

Our Promise To You…

We’re sick and tired of the marketing agencies with high claims that overcharge and then don’t deliver.

We’ve heard countless times how business owners are getting burned over and over, searching for an agency that can actually help them.

This is exactly why we offer our Money-back Guarantee.

If you work with us, and you lose money… our promise is that you’ll get a 100% refund immediately… no questions asked! We’re in this for the long term, not the short term gain.

Apply below now to start generating new members on autopilot, so you can focus on what you love doing most.