40% Increase in Contact Rate With Leads

40% Increase in Contact Rate With Leads

40% Increase in Contact Rate With Leads 2400 1232 Black Paw


We’re always speaking to different business owners to understand what’s working so well for them, and we began to notice a pattern with the most successful owners as well as our most successful clients. The ones growing significantly each year were the businesses that made their follow up process and getting to their leads instantly, a priority. You should be calling your lead within 5 minutes or less to avoid your conversion rate dropping by over 79%.

Science shows that humans now have less attention span than a goldfish (yes, seriously!) and we as a society are easily distracted. The sooner you can help your leads get all questions answered, form a relationship, and get them into the doors, the more people you will start closing as clients. Period.

Understanding the Algorithm

Immediately once a social media user has turned into a lead and submitted their info on your site from an ad, Facebook now considers that user as someone who’s in market for the service they opted in for. With that being said, the algorithm will start feeding that user ads from other competing companies as long as they fit their targeting demographic.

With that in mind, making contact with the lead instantly upon them opting in allows you to form a relationship with that lead and increases your chances of closing them as a client before they begin seeing other competitor’s ads and offers.

We realize getting to leads instantly can be difficult for smaller businesses or teams to commit to, but it is crucial for a business’s success rate with their online lead generation and digital marketing. Whether you have a dedicated team member to handle all your leads such as a front desk staff or sales team, or if you need to rely on automating that process with a software (reach out to us if you need more info on this), committing to reaching out to your leads within 5 minutes will drastically increase your contact rate, appointment setting rate, your return of marketing investment, and client acquisition rate.