37.8x Return of Ad Spend

37.8x Return of Ad Spend

37.8x Return of Ad Spend 2560 1708 Black Paw

We’re attributing this one to the Venus Fly Trap method. Essentially, we create a video campaign and remarket to the users who showed the highest intent or interest (we typically look at those who watched 50% or more of the video) and we segment them into their own audience category. We’ll then have a specific campaign with another video showcasing the brand, and only include the audience of the highest intent video viewers from the previous video.

Doing this over and over, we work the highest intent users down what we call a video sequencing funnel, ultimately pre-qualifying them and creating a greater sense of brand awareness to this audience. In turn, it drives conversions as you create a sense of omnipresence with your brand.

Never have we ever had results like we’ve had with Black Paw. They handle all the strategy and implementation and everything that our team doesn’t want to deal with, and they’re so great about working alongside our team and being there for us as soon as we call or have questions. They’re a great group.